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a. 1 flickery, prone to flicker 2 (context of milk English) Turned somewhat sour. n. (context photography English) in digital photography, a flashing pixel.


Blinky may refer to:


  • Blinky, the three-eyed fish from the animated television sitcom The Simpsons
  • Blinky (comic strip character), a character in the UK comic The Dandy
  • Blinky Bill, the name of an anthropomorphic koala appearing in Australian books and a television program
  • Blinky the Clown, a clown who starred in a television program called Blinky's Fun Club from the early 1960s until 1998
  • Blinky the Dog, a character in the weekly comic strip This Modern World
  • Blinky, a red ghost in the Pac-Man video game series
  • A male koala in Noozles, an anime which aired on Nickelodeon
  • Alf's cousin on the TV Series ALF
  • A character on a once popular matchbook advertisement for an art school correspondence course, "Can You Draw Blinky?"
  • The robotic title character from the film BlinkyTM by Ruairí Robinson


  • Blinky (singer), an artist on Motown, real name Sondra Williams
  • Blinky Palermo, a 20th-century German abstract painter
  • Blinky One, also called Blinky, an artist from Los Angeles


  • Blinky (novelty), a small flashing novelty (often worn on clothing) at raves, festivals, or amusement parks
  • Blinky (image), an animated image (usually in GIF format)
  • Blinky (film), a 1923 comedy-western film starring Hoot Gibson
  • A police car used by the Toronto Police Service to promote child safety
Blinky (comics)

Blinky is a British comic strip, created by Nick Brennan, and published in the comic book magazines The Beezer and Topper from 1990 until 1994 and in The Dandy until 2007.

Blinky (singer)

Sondra "Blinky" Williams (born May 21, 1944 in Oakland, California) is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter.

Blinky (film)

Blinky is a 1923 American comedy- Western film directed by Edward Sedgwick and starring Hoot Gibson and Esther Ralston.

Usage examples of "blinky".

A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook Title: Blinky Bill Grows Up Author: Dorothy Wall eBook No.

HOME BLINKY RETURNS HOME CHAPTER I BLINKY Runs Away Mrs Koala and Mrs Grunty had talked matters over for nearly a whole night, and towards the dawn had decided upon a plan.

And Blinky proudly pulled them a little farther down his short stubby legs.

When he thought of all that Blinky said, his heart went pit-a-pat so loudly that he became frightened at the very thought of running away.

And, as Blinky dreamed, he had another look at Mrs Grunty and his mother.

A rip and a split and Blinky parted from the best part of his knickerbockers.

Mrs Possum bit him savagely and naughty Blinky at once kicked her, scratching and ripping her best hat to shreds.

Here was Angelina Wallaby of all people, and you can imagine how pleased Blinky was to see her.

Losing no time, Blinky raced back to the lucky-dip, just in time to find all the customers opening the parcels that Madam Hare had kicked out.

As Blinky stood and gazed at the empty lucky-dip, feeling very sorry about it all, and still very angry, his friends the butcher-birds hopped round.

Curling himself up in a corner Blinky decided to have a sleep, as chasing Madam Hare and fighting Mrs Flying Fox had made him very tired.

Grunting with glee Blinky crawled down the tree and as he reached the ground the old owl flew on ahead.

After they had reached six-stopping places Blinky looked up in the tree as Mr Owl hooted.

Lifting the net very cautiously, Blinky put out his paw and made a sharp tug at the whiskers.

Carefully peering into the box he saw Blinky, shuddering with fright, one paw raised, ready to scratch.