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vb. (en-third-person singular of: blight)

Usage examples of "blights".

All these weeks, carrying a spy with us, confiding in him all our plans for overcoming the blights and plagues of the farm provinces - no!

Releasing the blights and plagues into the farming districts - bringing agriculture into collapse over such a wide region - the famine, the panic, the mass migrations - yes, all according to plan.

You want us to use the Troy Game to strengthen this land against the evil that blights it.

A frown blights thy loveliness like late frost upon the early sprouts of Spring.

The voices of the Faêran joined in a lament like a freezing wind that blights the Spring, for the Gates were swinging shut, and those they loved most would be exiled for eternity.

Y-Uulisaan, I want you to draw up a plan for countering each of these blights, and I want estimates of expense.

Crops continue to die of mysterious blights, there's a tremendous shortage of basic foods, and hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions, have begun migrating toward the coast.

Judging by the reports of devastation now coming in from Zimroel, Lord Valentine had perhaps waited too long to undertake it, Hissune thought: the blights on that continent were wiping out, so it appeared, not only the agricultural crops but also many of the unusual plants of the wilderness areas.

He admitted that he was a spy, my lord, who would help you to formulate the government's response to the plagues and blights, and then immediately send word of what that response would be.

You have sent blights out into their lands - can those blights be so easily called back, do you think?

When the seasons have become equal, when the air breeds no disorders, when its surface is no longer liable to blights and droughts, then sickness will cease.

On the plants themselves there were no blights, fungus growths, disease spots.

Listen, the place where I grew up was on a river like this with blights…" she waved a hand at the tumbledown structures on the bank, "… a lot like this, and whenever anything happened around those blights, we used to snake down there and see if we could make a dime or so out of it.

They brought drought and storm, blights and fires and sicknesses across the land, and the village witch was punished for them.