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Bligh (TV series)

Bligh is a 1992 Australian sitcom, set in colonial New South Wales, in 1807 and based on the life of Sir William Bligh, as Colonial Governor.

Usage examples of "bligh".

Bligh, who stood near the gangway, now made an appeal to the leader of the mutineers, who was on the poop watching him.

Bligh, standing up, raised his clenched hand and cursed the mutineers bitterly, swearing vengeance against those on the ship who would not help him to retake her.

Even had Bligh not heard that defiant cry as the mutineers swung round the yards, Tahiti would be the first place thought of by those who would surely come in search of them.

Alrema, although accused by Tina of helping his sister in aiding the seamen to desert, had been forgiven, and was just then, with Aitia, conveying to Bligh a farewell present of two handsome parais or mourning dresses, which were to be given to King George.

Bligh striking out the debts from her ledger-book, her strong-box becoming a catch-basin for the new money, overflowing and spilling out gleaming rivulets down the street to the bankside coffee-merchants, and thence down the Thames into the wide.

Modern surveys have laid down nine such practicable passages, known, in their order from north to south, as Napoleon, Bligh, Bramble, Yule, Simpson, Dayman, Prince of Wales, Normanby and Endeavour.

The ship which Bligh now commanded was specially fitted to convey specimens of the breadfruit tree from Tahiti--the Otaheite of Cook--to the West Indies, in the hope that the tree would there take root and flourish and furnish as bountiful a food supply to the negroes of those islands as it did to the light, copper-coloured people of the isles of the Pacific.

And of isolated Pitcairn Island, where the mutineers marooned themselves, not to be recontacted until many decades later, while Bligh and his few rowed something like four thousand miles by dead reckoning to regain eventually the bosom of authority.

She knew nothing of the aliens in O-Zone, nothing about Bligh, nothing much about the two abductions, and very little of the terror of Godseye.

When her mission on Tahiti had been accomplished and she was westward bound, among the islands of the Tongan Group, Fletcher Christian, second-in-command of the vessel, raised the men in revolt against Captain William Bligh, whose conduct he considered cruel and insupportable.

Bligh might not be able to hear him, but Hooper monitored his gasps at thirty meters.

Miss Bligh who seems to me just one of those tiresome, efficient women who go about running parishes and poking their noses into things.

There was a writin' chest had belonged to Captain Bligh, with a good store of paper in it, and ink, and pens.

No doubt this Captain Bligh will be questioned closely by concerned congressmen about his inability to see beyond the end of his nose.

The following morning, Oliphant slept in, then kept to his bed, Bligh supplying him with files from the study, strong tea, and anchovy toast.