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Usage examples of "blicky".

No one had given a thought to Blicky's horse and that neglect in border men was a sign of unusual preoccupation.

All the younger, cleaner-cut men like Red Pearce and Frenchy and Beady Jones and Williams and the scout Blicky, were on the other side.

Any hour he might be expected to arrive and corroborate Blicky's alluring tale.

And some of the gang were there—Pearce, Blicky, Handy Oliver, and of course Gulden, but all separated.

This stranger's face presented as great a contrast to Blicky's as could have been imagined.

But as he deliberately drew down on the preacher Blicky leaped forward and knocked up the gun.

Then she saw the huge form of Gulden, the towering Oliver, and Smith and Blicky, Beard, Jones, Williams, Budd, and others.

And Blicky, nursing some deep and late-developed scheme, perhaps in Kells's interest or his own, kept watch over Gulden and all.