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The bliaut or bliaud is a women's and also a men's overgarment worn from the eleventh to the thirteenth century in Western Europe, featuring voluminous skirts and horizontal puckering or pleating across a snugly fitted under bust abdomen. The sleeves are the most immediately notable difference when comparing the bliaut to other female outer clothing of the Middle Ages. They fit closely from the shoulder to approximately the elbow, and then widen from the elbow to drape to floor- or nearly floor-length. This garment's usage appears to be geographically limited to areas of French influence, with some works depicting the garment or the garment in transition as far away as Rome and modern Germany.

Usage examples of "bliaut".

She did have her leggings and boots on underneath the womanly garb, however, and so sat him as she usually did, her bliaut split up the sides anyway, and wide enough that most of her legs remained covered beneath it, so he would have naught to complain about.

The cumbersome bliaut and chemise of rich royal blue velvet were as heavy as the dread weighting her shoulders.

The sea green and gold bliaut went well with her light green eyes, which was likely why Jhone had picked it.

Milisant dressed hurriedly, ignoring the bliaut she had worn yesterday in favor of her own clothes just to spite Wulfric.

I noticed the bliaut under your cloak, or I would not have realized it was you myself.

The result was a grand, beautiful bliaut of jade velvet worthy of a queen, richly detailed, encrusted with gems and thickly embroidered with gold thread.

Milisant chuckled as she shrugged out of her cumbersome bliaut and chemise.

The chemise and outer bliaut were both homespun wool in a drab dun, not overly coarse, but naught that could be considered of a fine quality.

She wore both her bliaut and her chemise cut low to show off her ample breasts, and her wild mane of copper curls gave her an untamed sensuality that any man would find challenging.

Rowena did as instructed, whipping off her chemise and bliaut together, ripping several laces in her haste.

Then she immediately slipped the sleeveless bliaut back on before he noticed that she was, in fact, defying him again in solving the problem of getting wet in her own way.

Warrick standing beside the bed with her shift and chemise in his hands, as well as the bliaut and shoes she had left in the weaving room.

So easily was she noticeable, her long braid glittering in the sunlight, her bright red chemise only visible at her neck, arms, and feet, but such a contrast to the drab dun bliaut she wore.

And then he noticed the cerulean blue bliaut his daughter was wearing, a gown much too fancy for one of such tender years, nor what he was accustomed to seeing her wear.

Not one word did he say about it, other than to remark on the prettiness of the royal purple bliaut with gold trim that she wore that evening.