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Usage examples of "bli".

This land might look rich and green to you, Brutus, coming as you do from an area less endowed, but it has been touched by blight.

My chest tightened, my breath harshened, my feet blistered with the agony of the dance, my breasts and belly burned with the liquid tempo of my body.

The stones about me blurred, the stars in the sky became one blinding searing light, and I thought I must be near death… … and then everything stopped.

Do not blame her for the split in Og's power, for she was a victim as much as this blighted land of yours!

She is a mystery, and in these dark blighted days I find that mysteries unnerve me.

CbAPCGR N THE MORNING OF THE SIXTH DAY AFTER THEY'D left Ecub's village Coel led his party into a wide valley, that, even despite the occasional evidence of blight, seemed rich and fertile.

You want us to use the Troy Game to strengthen this land against the evil that blights it.

I found myself blinking, unable to believe I could be having this conversation with a man.

Maka's eye's stopped blinking, and she stared carefully at Samantha's face.

It had showed no emotion when Talas bli Sporn admitted to having committed a Wrong act, nor did it show any emotion when he explained about the strange location of her transmin.

He was al­so su­re that gho­uls we­re ge­ne­ral­ly rat­her slimy and bald, rat­her than dis­tinctly ha­iry and co­ve­red in angry purp­le blis­ters.

Dad al­ways says she’ll ha­ve writ­ten them out of her will — li­ke they ca­re, they’re go­ing to end up ric­her than an­yo­ne in the fa­mily, ra­te they’re go­ing … Wow,” he ad­ded, blin­king rat­her ra­pidly as Her­mi­one ca­me hur­rying to­ward them.

Strug­gling to draw bre­ath in­to lungs that felt flat­te­ned, he blin­ked and re­ali­zed that the ga­udy gla­re was sun­light stre­aming thro­ugh a ca­nopy of le­aves far abo­ve him.

Des­pi­te his pre­vi­o­us as­ser­ti­on that he wo­uld ne­ver vi­sit them aga­in, Phi­ne­as Ni­gel­lus did not se­em ab­le to re­sist the chan­ce to find out mo­re abo­ut what Harry was up to and con­sen­ted to re­ap­pe­ar, blind­fol­ded, every few days of so.

At six­te­en ye­ars old, even Durmst­rang felt it co­uld no lon­ger turn a blind eye to the twis­ted ex­pe­ri­ments of Gel­lert Grin­del­wald, and he was ex­pel­led.