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Bley may refer to:

  • João Punaro Bley (1900–1983), Brazilian military and public administrator
  • Paul Bley (1932–2016), contributor to the free jazz movement of the 1960s
  • Carla Bley (born 1936), American jazz composer, pianist, organist and band leader

Usage examples of "bley".

Because what makes them enemies is so much larger than anything personal between them, that Bleys is free to admire Hal-and he admires no one else in the human race, alive or dead.

The imbalance has got to react against Bleys, where up until now the forces of history were working for him and the Others.

Far back, on his last visit here, he had passed the vine-covered gate of metal bars through which he had seen Bleys, who was unable to pass through and be on the same side as he was .

He had had so little use for money, beyond the letters of interstellar credit he had carried in his younger years, when he was trying to stay one jump ahead of Bleys Ahrens and the Others, that he simply had not thought of money in connection with this trip to Kultis.

Exotic representative -theoretically to the Final Encyclopedia, but actually, as both the Exotics and Hal had clearly understood, to Hal himself, since he had been the one who had won their allegiance to the cause of Old Earth in a debate against Bleys, broadcast to both Exotic worlds.

Intuitional logic, or its counterpart, would not tell Bleys where Hal was, but he would be able to read from the general situation that Hal was up to something and probably not on Earth.

The important thing to Bleys would be not so much to find Hal as to find what it was that could have brought him out from behind the shelter of the phase-shield.

Whatever Hal was after, by definition it would be something which Bleys would prefer he did not have.

Final Encyclopedia, when you first started to run from this man called Bleys Ahrens.

Particularly Bleys, slimmer then than he was now-wherever on the Younger Worlds he might be at this moment, eleven years later.

Even if they had not been, the force that Bleys was building to overwhelm even the phase-shielded Earth was moving to its inevitable completion.

Hal it felt even as if a breath of coldness had reached out to him from the folds of the cloak Bleys had just flung back.

Bleys in person only at rare intervals in his own life, beginning with the time of the murder of his tutors and his own near capture by Bleys and his gunmen.

Each time before that Hal had met Bleys, it had been obvious that the Other possessed great personal power.

What sort of black magic in Bleys had made him bring up that, of all names?