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The Collaborative International Dictionary

blewit \blewit\ n. 1. an edible agaric ( Tricholoma personatum) that is pale lilac when young.

Syn: blewits.


n. 1 Either of two edible mushrooms of the genus (taxlink Clitocybe genus noshow=1) (sometimes (taxlink Lepista genus noshow=1) or ''Tricholoma'') 2 # The (vern wood blewit pedia=1) ((taxlink Clitocybe nuda species noshow=1)) 3 # The (vern field blewit pedia=1) or (vern blue-leg pedia=1) ((taxlink Clitocybe saeva species noshow=1))

''This article discusses blewit mushrooms. A number of subjects share similar spellings. See Blewitt (disambiguation) and Bluet (disambiguation) for disambiguation.

Blewit refers to two closely related species of edible agarics in the genus Clitocybe, the wood blewit ( Clitocybe nuda) and the field blewit or blue-leg ( C.saeva). Both species are treated by some authorities as belonging to the genus Lepista.