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Bleskensgraaf is a town in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Molenwaard, and lies about 10 km northeast of Dordrecht. It has an area of 1272 hectares. On 1 January 2009 Bleskensgraaf and Hofwegen had 2797 inhabitants in 936 residences.

Until 1855, Bleskensgraaf was a separate municipality. In 1855 the heerlijkheid or seigniory Bleskensgraaf and the heerlijkheid or seigniory ' Hofwegen' merged into one municipality named 'Bleskensgraaf and Hofwegen'. In 1986 it became the new municipality Graafstroom together with 6 adjacent towns. The town hall of Graafstroom was located in Bleskensgraaf. Since 2013 Graafstroom has made part of Molenwaard.

The town got its name because of the landlord (count) "Willem van Blassekijn". Over the years the name Blassekijnsgraeve changed into Bleskensgraaf.

On letters it often says "Bleskensgraaf CA". CA stands for 'cum annexis' which means 'with surroundings'.

The centre of Bleskensgraaf is made up out of new buildings. The old centre was bombarded during the Second World War at 06:25 on 12 May 1940. Seven people died and forty houses were destroyed. The town hall was leveled and the church sustained irreparable damage. The reconstruction was fast and took a couple of years. In September 1948 the new church officially opened and the new town hall opened on 12 May 1955.

Old buildings that remain are a couple of windmills: flourmill 'Molen de Vriendschap' (Mill the Friendship) built in 1890 and two Hollow post mills, named the 'Hofwegense Molen' and the 'Wingerdse Molen' built in 1513 and many old farmhouses.

Image:Gebombardeerde kerk in Bleskensgaaf.jpg|The damaged Dutch Reformed church after the bombardment Image:Bleskensgraaf, molen foto1 2007-03-15 14.33.JPG|Flourmill 'De Vriendschap' Image:Bleskensgraaf, kerk op afstand 2007-03-15 14.36.JPG|Left: Town Hall
Right: Dutch Reformed Church Image:Bleskensgraaf Wingerdse molen bij nacht.jpg|Water Mill 'De Wingerdse Molen'