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blended whiskey

n. mixture of two or more whiskeys or of a whiskey and neutral spirits [syn: blended whisky]

Blended whiskey

A blended whiskey (or blended whisky) is the product of blending different types of whiskeys and sometimes also neutral grain spirits, coloring, and flavorings. It is generally the product of mixing one or more higher-quality straight or single malt whiskies with less expensive spirits and other ingredients. This allows for a lower priced product, though expensive "premium" varieties also exist.

Some examples of blended whiskey include Canadian Mist, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Seagram's Seven American whiskey, the premium Japanese brand Hibiki and the premium Scottish brand variant Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Usage examples of "blended whiskey".

Although his bank account had seldom been above two thousand dollars in his entire adult life, he always managed to afford the best blended whiskey.

If someone at the Retreat didn't like blended whiskey, and it was her favorite blended whiskey, they were out of luck.

The second contained a dry sandwich and a small green flask of blended whiskey.

At a big drugstore with a flashing neon palm tree I stopped and bought some antacid stomach tablets, a spray can of dog repellent and a bottle of blended whiskey.