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a. (abbreviation of blemished lang=en dot=), frequently used on auction sites such as eBay.

Usage examples of "blem".

Her skin was uncorrupted and her jewelled eyes were still present, aristocratic features unmarred by dent or blemish.

It looked like the tip of an insignificant splinter blemishing the stone of God's own statue.

Moreover, if the moon had been conceived as a great mirror serving to reflect the sun’s light onto the earth, why would the Creator have blemished that mirror with spots?

Callers who even more unconsciously blemish-scanned or nostril-explored looked up to find horrified expressions on the video-faces at the other end.

And, behind these lens-cap dioramas and transmitted Tableaux, callers of course found that they were once again stresslessly invisible, unvainly makeup and toupeeless and baggy-eyed behind their celebrity-dioramas, once again free since once again unseen to doodle, blemish-scan, manicure, crease-check while on their screen, the attractive, intensely attentive face of the well-appointed celebrity on the other end's Tableau reassured them that they were the objects of a concentrated attention they themselves didn't have to exert.