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Blelvis (the "Black Elvis") is the performing name of Rondy Wooten, a Washington, D.C., street entertainer who knows the words to every song ever sung by Elvis Presley.

He has been profiled by the Washington City Paper and the Washington Post.

Blelvis is a Washington, D.C. native who grew up watching Elvis movies on channel 20 and loved the songs. When he was a young man and began asking for Presley albums in the record stores he began to be recognized by the city's historic rockabilly community. Blelvis does not claim to be an Elvis impersonator, but as an "Elvis-ologist".

While continuing his studies in Berlin he spent time doing field research of the various ratzkellars and theaters where Elvis spent time while he was in the service. Since then Blelvis has spent time continuing his studies in Las Vegas; Tupelo, Miss.; Memphis; Coral Gables, Fla.; Hollywood, Calif.; and Honolulu. Blelvis has also spent time researching the times and places that defined the culture that both made and unmade Elvis' reign in London and the Chelsea in New York City. Blelvis continued his research at the University of Texas Austin.

When in D.C. he works for low income housing, a cause he became serious about during his years in seminary. He holds a bachelor's degree in Theology.