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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bleck \Bleck\, Blek \Blek\, v. t. To blacken; also, to defile. [Obs. or Dial.]


Blek is a 2013 puzzle video game for iOS and Android by Kunabi Brother, a team of brothers Denis and Davor Mikan. The player draws a snakelike black line that recurs in pattern and velocity across the screen to remove colored dots and avoid black dots. It is minimalist in design, features excerpts of Erin Gee, and takes inspiration from Golan Levin, the Bauhaus, and Japanese calligraphy. The brothers designed the game as a touchscreen adaptation to classic game Snake and worked on the game for over six months. It was released in December 2013 for iPad, and was later released for other iOS devices and Android.

The game received positive reviews, and critics praised the game's degree of unrestricted play. The game reached the top of the Apple App Store charts several months after its release. It received a 2014 Apple Design Award, and has sold over one million copies.

Blek (disambiguation)

Blek is a 2013 puzzle video game.

Blek may also refer to:

  • Blek le Rat, a French graffiti artist
  • Mary Leigh Blek, an American gun control advocate
  • Il Grande Blek, an Italian comic book