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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blee \Blee\, n. [AS. ble['o], ble['o]h.] Complexion; color; hue; likeness; form. [Archaic]

For him which is so bright of blee.
--Lament. of Mary Magd.

That boy has a strong blee of his father.


n. 1 (context rare usually poetic English) colour, hue. 2 complexion. 3 form, texture, consistency. 4 General resemblance, likeness; aspect, appearance, look.

Usage examples of "blee".

This time, the worried gaze belonged to her trusted aide, Blee, who seemed obviously unable to mask any inner turmoil in her expression.

Raya made her way into the corridor to find Blee weaving around other evacuees as she maneuvered up the passageway toward her.

Raya noticed Blee keeping pace with her rather than heading for her own emergency station.

Which that y-called is Bob-up-and-down, Under the Blee, in Canterbury way?

He recognised his dear Guenever, and her dear friend Sir Launcelot, and Sir Cawline and his lady, and Sir Gawaine and Sir Kay and many other valiant and courteous knights and ladies bright of blee, and last not least in love his butler Bedevere.

Whan ended was the lyf of seinte Cecile, Er we hadde riden fully fyve mile, At Boghtoun under Blee us gan atake A man, that clothed was in clothes blake, And undernethe he wered a whyt surplys.