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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Bleaching powder

Bleaching \Bleach"ing\, n. The act or process of whitening, by removing color or stains; esp. the process of whitening fabrics by chemical agents.

Bleaching powder, a powder for bleaching, consisting of chloride of lime, or some other chemical or chemicals.

bleaching powder

n. A white powder, a mixture of calcium hypochlorite and calcium chloride, prepared by the action of chlorine on calcium hydroxide, used as a strong bleaching agent and disinfectant.

bleaching powder

n. a white powder comprised of calcium hydroxide and chloride and hypochlorite and used to bleach and/or disinfect [syn: chlorinated lime, chloride of lime]

Usage examples of "bleaching powder".

They will sell us the insecticide, the bleaching powder and the water filtration units for the cost of production plus ten percent.

Even so, before she will use then she boils them in already-boiled water which she has treated with the bleaching powder she also has specially made for her, by the palace apothecary.

It is the fumes of chlorine that kill the men in the bleaching powder works.