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init. (context computer communication English) (initialism of Bluetooth low energy Bluetooth Low Energy English)


Ble may refer to:

  • Ble (band), a Greek music band.
  • An abbreviation for Bletilla, an orchid genus.
Ble (band)

Ble is a pop- rock band from Greece that was formed in 1996, by George Papapostolou (guitar, sax, vocals, music) and George Parodis (lyrics). Theodosia Tsatsou (lead vocals) and Natasa Alexiou (backing vocals, violin) would complete the current line up of the band in 1996. The name Ble (Μπλε in Greek) means blue. Their music is characterised by their dark and introspective "Enohes".

In 1997, Theodosia Tsatsou left the band and, against all odds, Ble continued successfully with a new singer, Georgia Kefala, who remains the lead singer of the band till today.

The group has released six studio albums, "Enohes" (1996), "Ble" (1998), "Ela Na Deis" (2000), "Sta Mavra Eho Ntithei" (2002), "Etsi Thelo Ego Na Zo" (2004) and "Oneira Sou Tragoudao" (2006). In 2009 they released "Ble 1996-2009 compilation (Best Of)" . The band had success with "Niotho Enohes" from their first single and "Fovame" from the album "Enohes", which became a hit single. Ble's second album, "Ble" 1, featured a harder and heavier sound. Their third album, "Ela Na Deis"2, was released in 2000. Since then, they released three more albums with remarkable success in the Greek charts.

Usage examples of "ble".

Daar steeg zij af, bond den bles aan een jongen beuk, en daalde, haar sleep over den arm, in de groote kom van zand, die men op de Horze algemeen den Witten Kuil noemde.

It was after we had left the shabby little gymnasium and were following Bling back across the campus that an obvious possibility suddenly occurred to me.

After listening to her chatter a moment, Bling turned to the rest of us, his eyes unslanted by surprise.

He stood beside it, smiling, nodding the editor and little Bling onto the divan and the beefy photographer into the wide loveseat.

He thought Bling with his funny crewcut and ragged T-shirt had said New Wave.

Until two years ago, Bling had told them, the park had been closed completely to the general public, the lovely quiet of the lake undisturbed by rented rowboats, the massive gates barred and guarded.

To get Bling off the hook, the editor asked if it might be possible to take a drive out to the Beijing campus to look over the sports scene, maybe catch a track practice.

This time it was Bling who was reluctant and Mude who was suddenly permissive.

When they dropped Mude off at the stark brick building he had directed the driver to, Bling became downright unnerved.

Reluctantly Bling led them down a dim concrete stairwell to a cracked wooden door in the cellar.

Back outside, Bling put his blue glasses on and started walking back the way they had come.

The next turn around, Yang has worked his way up into the pack of Chinese, and it is little Bling who is bringing up the rear, looking as disheveled as ever in a U of Beijing track singlet, his number on upside down.

By the time they got to their table Bling and the writer had cooked up a number of alternative meets where they might make their pitch to the boy in private -- Bling would follow him to the bathroom.

So after their stroll back down from the Great Wall, when Bling asked would it be all right if he and Mr.

Puddleduck looked around and around the room, nodding furiously and muttering constant instructions to himself lest he forget, but there was nothing ready at hand to bling the creature with.