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n. (plural of blast English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: blast)

Usage examples of "blasts".

The Jackrabbit had rented pasturage there, partially sheltered from the icy blasts, to the Grasshopper and the Wilddog in the winter months, and they were well paid for this in cattle and horses.

He bounded off the end, snatched a bicycle away from the wall, and pedalled quickly out of sight while he bleated shrill blasts on a police whistle clenched between his teeth.

It gleamed on the glazed ground, where the uranium blasts had fused the rocks.

Turbolaser blasts became swift shafts of light that shattered into prismatic splinters against shields, or bloomed into miniature supernovae that swallowed ships whole.

Obi-Wan, out on the edge of the collection panel, hunching under a curve of durasteel that splashed aside gouts of lava, deflecting Force blasts and countering strikes from this creature of rage that had been his best friend, suddenly comprehended an unexpectedly profound truth.

Apollo was about to speak again when laser blasts erupted all around them, lighting up the starfield just ahead and to either side of his Viper.

They let off a barrage of laser blasts that went wide as their ships continued on past Apollo.

He fired, turbo blasts lancing out and splintering against one of the Cylon Raiders.

Boomer let off a flurry of laser blasts at them, getting their attention.

Baltar screamed, as laser blasts burned past him on the steps to the high seat.

Tybalt, their leader, was nowhere in sight, and Troy wondered if he had ducked out after deadly energy blasts began to fly.

When the last of the Warriors had launched from the bay, Starbuck gazed out through the launch aperture at the laser blasts flashing back and forth between Cylon Raiders and Colonial Vipers and felt a terrible hopelessness overcome him.

Apollo had simply phased back into reality, and the quantum-shifted laser blasts no longer existed in the same dimension as his Viper.

Laser blasts cut through his ship, cut through him, but they could no longer touch him.

Three or four concentrated blasts on the same area of the shield and it would be over.