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a. (en-comparative of: blank) n. (context computing English) An early form of screensaver that blanked out the screen display when it was not in use.

Usage examples of "blanker".

Vernon took the paper and read it slowly, his face growing blanker and more blank as he proceeded.

Thelma lay silent in the other hush-bunk, the blanker keeping her snores from disturbing him.

Then he turned to retrace his steps, and found the blank wall blanker and more deserted than ever, while the foreground was void of all trace of Olivia.

But his face is sallow and his eyes apparently drained of tears, and his expression seems blanker than anything else.

The blanker the space, the more accurate the receiving of the message will be.

When the men had left there was a different feeling in the air, blanker and stiller.

It seemed emptier, blanker still, now that even the dead body of the dog had gone.

Instantly a noise blanker cut off all sounds for a few centimeters around the equipment, so that no one could hear what was said.

A miser who has parted with a lucky lottery ticket for five shillings, and finds next day he has lost in the bargain five thousand pounds, could not show a blanker countenance than he did on beholding the figure of Mr.

Dahlia gave him a look that was blanker than usual, since she was on the distracted side.