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Blane, also spelled Blaine, Blain or Blayne, is a Scottish and Irish surname (Blane is more frequent in Scotland, the other forms in Ireland), derived from a forename:

Usage examples of "blane".

Cleopatra character whacked Blane and then tried to whack you on behalf of the Monticello Institute?

Monticello crap, and Blane just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So I worked odd security jobs, making ends meet for nearly a year, trying to sort out my life, when I had the displeasure of meeting Blane Gray.

Westwood for a drink after work, and saw the same guy, Blane Gray, chatting up a woman in the bar.

That was a signal to you that Blane had outlived his usefulness, that he was becoming a liability.

How would you like to be the only reporter present when I turn myself in and the world finds out who killed Blane Gray?

When, four days later, ballistics tests definitively proved two of the guns were the weapons used in the murders of Blane Gray and Mona Carlisle, Michael and Kerena were released.

Vic Todd - Victor Blane Bob Dorry - Johnny Brokaw Cary Cummings - Director Danny Depper - agent.

Cranston said, as he watched Blane and Cummings place Jamison flat on his back on a cot.

Cummings and Blane were at one end, then the three girls, Iris, Carol and Teddy, and on the other side of the girls, Eric Jamison sat.

Cranston, Blane, Eric Jamison, Iris Harrison and Teddy Page were the only ones still in the studio.

Cabe recalled a warrior he had met, Blane, the prince-commander of the horsemen from Zuu, who had died in the fighting within the walls of Penacles.

His father was a trader from Zuu, a tall, burly man, much like the late Prince Blane, who had chosen to stay his winters with one of the local women.

Malada Blane suggested they-have a betting pool the next time they got together to watch a war, and everyone was taken with the idea.

Two other guests helped Rakkis slide the tank top slightly to one side, and Malada Blane handed his case up to him.