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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blanc \Blanc\, n. [F., white.]

  1. A white cosmetic.

  2. A white sauce of fat, broth, and vegetables, used esp. for braised meat.


n. 1 A white cosmetic. 2 A white sauce of fat, broth, and vegetables, used especially for braised meat.


Blanc or le Blanc is a surname of French origin, meaning White. Bearers of the name include the following.

  • Antoine Blanc (1792–1860), first Archbishop of New Orleans
  • Antoine le Blanc (19th century), French immigrant to the United States, celebrated murderer
  • Bertrand Blanc (b. 1973), French ski mountaineer
  • Charles Blanc (1813-1882), French art critic
  • Didier Blanc (b. 1984), French ski mountaineer
  • Emmanuel Blanc (b. 1972), French ski mountaineer
  • Erika Blanc (b. 1942), Italian actress
  • Ernest Blanc (1923–2010), opera singer
  • Jacques Blanc (b. 1939), French politician
  • Jennifer Blanc (b. 1974), American actress
  • Laurent Blanc (b. 1965), French manager and former footballer
  • Louis Blanc (1811–1882), French politician and historian
  • Martine Blanc (b. 1944), French children's book author and illustrator
  • Mel Blanc (1908–1989), American actor
  • Michel Blanc (b. 1952), French actor
  • Nathalie Blanc (b. 1967), French ski mountaineer
  • Patrick Blanc (b. 1953), French botanist
  • Patrick Blanc (ski mountaineer), (b. 1972), French ski mountaineer
  • Raymond Blanc (b. 1949), French chef
  • Samuel Blanc, invented the Roto-Rooter drain-cleaning machine
  • Blanc, a fictional character in the game Hyperdimension Neptunia

Usage examples of "blanc".

I reached the Col de la Faucille at sunset, when, for a few minutes, the Mont Blanc and Aiguille Verte showed themselves in dull red light, but were buried again, before the sun was quite down, in the rising deluge of cloud-poison.

Valley of Chamonix, bounded on one side by the Mont Blanc range and on the other by the Aiguilles Rouges chain, was like a natural platform from which to view the highest peak of Europe.

Crater, Toni Lash and her helpers had been gone when Doc returned to Asile Blanc with his instrument case.

Since that time, from one generation to the next, the order of chivalry has extended and spread through many different parts of the world, and among its members, famous and known for their great deeds, were the valiant Amadis of Gaul and all his sons and grandsons unto the fifth generation, and the valorous Felixmarte of Hyrcania, and the never-sufficiently-praised Tirant lo Blanc, and in our own time we have almost seen and communicated with and heard the invincible and valiant knight Don Belianis of Greece.

I tried to buy a diploma for an invalid friend at home who had never traveled, and whose desire all his life has been to ascend Mont Blanc, but the Guide-in-Chief rather insolently refused to sell me one.

Madame Houssu se leva et ayant pris une fiole en verre blanc, elle sortit pendant que Raphaelle defaisant son chapeau et sa robe--une robe de Worth,--les accrochait a un clou, entre deux casseroles.

Most Stunning Landscaping goes to this spot known for producing everything from fumé blanc to zinfandel.

BLANC Also labeled as fumé BLANC, sauvignon BLANC grapes are used to make crisp, dry whites of medium to light body that vary in flavor from slightly grassy to tart or fruity.

Derriere le cercueil, au poele blanc dont les cordons etaient tenus par quatre petits garcons, raidement habilles de gros drap noir, le pere et la mere se tenaient par le bras.

The modern reader is referred to the modification of the grouping of Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire given by Hirst and Piersol, or those of Blanc and Guinard.

Paul Huck, I looked out at all the kids in front of me and wondered how many of them were going to grow up to be Professor Le Blancs.

A streak of dull, unnatural light was seen in the quarter which lay above the meadows of the Rhone, and nearly in a direction with the peak of Mont Blanc, which, though not visible from this portion of the Leman, was known to lie behind the ramparts of Savoy, like a monarch of the hills entrenched in his citadel of rocks and ice.

Hers had been filled with pasta, little jars of pesto sauce, bottled spring water, a Iloaf of good Seattle bread, and a couple of bottles of sauvignon blanc and zinfandel wine.

Rambuteau, ou, rase de frais, le teint vermeil sous ses cheveux blancs, une rose a la boutonniere, il donnait chaque jour des consultations aux commercants poursuivis par les huissiers.

Mont Blanc sez hi, lake sez howdy too, Slothrop buys 20 cigarettes and a local paper, asks directions, gets in a tram that comes and with cold air through doors and windows to wake him up goes rolling into the City of Peace.