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Blan is a commune in the Tarn department in southern France.

Usage examples of "blan".

Wrapped in a blanket and shivering, as though protecting herself from the chill autumn winds that blew outside the house.

Mere sweets were bland by comparison, and one by one the travelers pushed them aside.

The Forest’s canopy stretched out for miles upon miles, a thick tangle of treetops and dead leaves and parasitic vines that smothered the entire region like some vast, rotting blanket.

Better just to keep the mind blank and hope the horses got them through.

Damien wrapped himself as tightly as he could in the thick woolen blanket he had taken from their stores, which did little to raise his body temperature but at least kept the wind off his soaked hair and clothing.

Beneath the blanket he grasped at Tarrant’s arm, hoping such weak­ness went unseen.

In its center was a low fire, mere glowing embers beneath a blanket of ash.

Slowly, gradually, the distance behind them blan­keted the Worldsend peaks in a haze of soft blue fog.

Even the rakh-woman wasn’t immune, but shiv­ered in the grip of some half-bestial nightmare that brought snarls and hisses to her lips as she thrashed about angrily, cocooned in her blankets.

Long after Damien had wrapped himself in blankets against the chill of the afternoon, long after his husky snoring indicated that he, at least, had found some respite, Senzei’s pounding heart kept him awake, and the rush of adrenaline through his body made him tremble with need.

When it came his turn to sleep, he tried to shut out both the noise and the cold with a thick cocoon of blankets, but he was unsuccessful.

The tight cocoon of blankets which he needed to combat the cold was the last thing he wanted to be trapped inside if danger came calling.

Even fully clothed it was bad enough - and he knew damned well that if he really wanted to be warm he should be naked inside that cocoon, his body heat warm­ing the blankets and the air inside it rather than lost to his clothing.

They were harder than ever to see now, faint blue veins of shadowy light barely bright enough to shine through the blanket of snow that covered them.

He came to with the reflexes born of a decade of living with dan­ger - fully awake, fully armed, and half free of the blan­kets that bound him before he even paused to take in his surroundings.