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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blamer \Blam"er\, n. One who blames.


n. One who blames.

Usage examples of "blamer".

Vous seriez les premieres, ta mere et toi, a me blamer, si je continuais de pareils errements.

The Blamer feels that nobody cares about him or her, that there is no respect or affection for him, and that people are all indifferent to his needs and feelings.

The Blamer reacts to this with a verbal behavior pattern intended to demonstrate that he or she is in charge, is the boss, is the one with power.

A parent who feels perfectly secure in a position of dominance over a child may choose Blamer Mode deliberately as a way of disciplining that child.

In a Section A the flat Blamer Mode accusation is hidden away as the presupposition.

They are Section A attacks escalated to one more level of viciousness and are of course in Blamer Mode.

Children are often highly skilled in verbal confrontations with their parents, especially in Blamer Mode.

If you are looking for a strategy to use in confrontations with policemen that will guarantee you an expensive ticket, talking to them in Blamer Mode like this is certainly it.

And in a sort of blind reaction to pain you tend to go straight to Blamer Mode yourself and head straight into a full-scale disaster, full of things that can never really be forgotten, even though they may be forgiven.

You may just happen to have a boss who is a natural bully and enjoys the Blamer role.

Do not try being a Blamer at me because I am bigger and more powerful than you and I will see to it that you regret it.

Notice that he is now headed full-swing into a different attack and is moving into more and more violent Blamer Mode with each move.

Supply me, then, with what Thou hast written down for the chosen ones among Thy creatures, whom neither the blame of the blamer, nor the clamor of the infidel, nor the estrangement of such as have withdrawn from Thee, hath deterred from turning towards Thee.

He has sent forth pure and holy souls whom the blame of the blamer cannot shut out from the Faith of God, nor frighten away from establishing the truth of His Teachings.