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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blae \Bl[ae]\, a. [See Blue.] Dark blue or bluish gray; lead-colored. [Scot.]


adj. bluish-black or gray-blue

Usage examples of "blae".

Gledfoot bridge over the hills between Gled and Aller and the Blae Moor to the Mains of Blae.

Once there I would ride like blazes, and either get to the Blae Moor before him--in which case I would simply canter at ease up to the Mains of Blae--or, if I saw him ahead of me, fetch a circuit among the plantings and come in on the farm from the other side.

It appeared that the Prince was a keen fisherman, and Count Casimir an ardent snipe shot, and the offer of the Callowa and the Blae Moss was enthusiastically received.

There is neither tree nor bush, the sky is grey, the earth buff, the air blae and windy, and clouds of coarse granitic dust sweep across the prairie and smother the settlement.

Dark One marked Blaes as his own, but not of this mind is sheno Darkfriend, Blaes of Matuchin!

They walk around pretending to be Rogosh Eagle-eye, and Blaes, and Gaidal Cain, and .