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n. 1 (lb en Scotland) A portfolio; a blotting-book or blotting-pad. 2 (context AU wholesale food trade English) A single sheet for use in a display book, illustrating a particular product available from a wholesaler.

Usage examples of "blad".

She and her single trooper, an unseasoned youth called Blad, stayed well back of the Tree Folk as they neared the edge of the desert.

While Blad moaned over dead comrades, Thayla felt that the discovery was somewhat a mixed blessing.

She would be queen, could choose some pliant male as consort-maybe even Blad here-and live out her days in what luxury she could force from the Pili.

I can find a way to suitably reward you for your steadfast service, Blad my worthy.

While it took a considerable effort and no small amount of time, Thayla, aided by Blad, managed to surmount the wall, using finger and toeholds invisible from a distance.

When the man drew close enough to reach the extended paddle, Blad jerked it up and snapped it down again.

How happy I am to see you Thayla pushed past the openmouthed Blad and embraced her husband, pressing herself tightly against his body and working her fingers against the muscles of his back.

Thayla felt his hand at the small of her back, urging her away from Blad, who now glared at his king with sudden jealousy and hatred.

Thayla looked over one shoulder at Blad and raised her finger to her lips in a gesture of silence.

Her sated husband suspected nothing about her and Blad, much less Conan, and if he lived to return with her to the caves, then she would casually mention that Blad had made improper advances toward her during their earlier adventures.

Poor Blad would sprout a forest of spears before he could open his foolish mouth.

Even with the king dead, Blad would know that the queen had been willing to lie with other than her husband, and he could hardly forget that,.

So, in any case, Blad could not be allowed to live once Thayla was in a place of safety again.

When the king turned away, Thayla winked at Blad, who smiled and nodded in return.

A shame it could not be Blad, since he was already hers, body and soul, but she could hardly trust a male who knew too much, which Blad certainly did.