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n. (context derogatory and offensive ethnic slur English) A black person.

Usage examples of "blacky".

But the world had rocked one nightit was the night Tommy ran away from home, with Blacky riding on his shoulderand when Tommy came out of the cave where he had been sleeping, all was in flames, and the city on the horizon had fallen so that it was nothing but a huge pile of dustbut in the end it had not mattered to Tommy.

Southward in winter, northward in summer, eating of berries and small animals as he went, and Blacky to talk to and Blacky to talk the same words back at him.

Tommy dived cleanly, and Blacky spread his wings at the last instant and escaped a bath.

He slunk ahead, Blacky on his shoulder, all unaware of the two brilliantly colored denizens of another planet who followed above and behind him.

For the third time, it was Blacky who scared her, for again she was gone, and had lost herself to sight even before Tommy could move.

He stopped suddenly, on the edge of the clearing, and sobbing to himself, caught sight of Blacky, high above the ground, cawing piercingly, warningly.

The only obvious part was that since Blacky was a male, there was a chance that he and the medic threesome might have pups early enough to bind the group.

Speedy and two youths named Blacky and Bigears took the load-sled out of his charge.

Graypate stubbornly withheld but a single item until the day when Speedy and Redhead and Blacky chivvied it out of him.

The community presented the house to Blacky and Sweetvoice, who had announced their desire to associate.

Graypate, Speedy, and Blacky, armed to the teeth, facing a drawn-faced and restless crowd.