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n. A basic coffee drink consisting of any size coffee with two shots of espresso added.

Usage examples of "blackeye".

Presently four of the dogs, Clog, Blackeye, Brist, and Paddler, ambled nonchalantly to the plane's tail assembly, leaped up onto it, and then worked their way forward on the slippery metal to a spot directly over the passenger cabin.

Clog, Blackeye, and Paddler were inside, having dropped through the acidcut hole in the roof, snarling and snapping at the laggards.

Anyway, I needed to get across town to meet Blackeye and the rest of the guys at 5.

Spot was sitting there on her haunches, along with Brute and Blackeye, all three of them turning to stare at me.

Miss blackeyes only substantiated her impression of the main cavern, and the quality of her cell mates.

  He followed their jewelled flight withexclamations of wonder Kush studied him carefully through bright blackeyes almost buried in rolls of fat.