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init. Biological Licence Application


Blå ("Blue") is a jazz club in Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway.

Blå opened on February 28, 1998; iniators were Kjell Einar Karlsen and Martin Revheim. It is located in factory building close to Akerselva, a river running through downtown. Darwin Porter of Frommer's describes the club as "the leading jazz club to Oslo. Dark and industrial, with lots of wrought iron and mellow lighting, this place books some of the best jazz acts in the world. The crowd is a mix of young and old, dressed in casual, but sophisticated attire." Despite this, the club has also featured other music genres, such as pop, rock, electronic and hip-hop.

Usage examples of "bla".

Once they were through, the danger would lessen, because Blaen, Gwerbret Cwm Peel, kept patrols of riders on his side of the mountains.

Missis Sawyer blabing to Beanys mother and she said she wood go in and see if Elly was in and when she come in Beany said mother jest see how many segars me and Plupy has made and he held up a lot that we made last week and she said you boys must have wirked a long time and Beany he said it takes a good deal of time to make so many and she went back looking prety pleased becaus she thougt Beany dident ring the old doorbell and she told old Missis Sawyer that we had been making sweet firn segars all the evening in the kitchin.

January, no one understood the significance of Blas trying to protect a young girl from obscure dangers.

When Thomas had turned forty, Arleon had granted him the living at Blas Lodge, a mellow old hunting house at the edge of the forest, north of Paddleways.

Thomas Blas had brought his young daughters to summer at his own house.

Gaultry and Mervion had cried many nights, remembering that long summer month at Blas Lodge and wondering what they had done that had convinced their father that they could have no place there.

Gilles and Anisia, married less than two months, had seemed young and frightened, full of childish trepidations, their mourning for Thomas Blas more a matter of alarm that they had been plunged into the charge of an isolated rural estate than of grief at his untimely death.

She would forge on to Blas Lodge, and hope to get there and have a little time to recover before having to face him.

Although he had exchanged his drab mourning clothes for the bright clothing of a landed gentleman, he looked younger than ever, less settled in his new role as master of Blas Lodge instead of more so.

The dark confusion of images that Thomas Blas had passed to Martin, suggested the death agony of emotionally unfinished business.

Chancellor and his frightening officer, Lord Issachar Dan, were taking Mervion Blas up to the Keyhole Chamber.

Either Mervion Blas had not wanted to go, or the Chancellor had not wanted to give her the choice.

She tried not to look at Mervion Blas, but she could not help but notice her, as she hung back so shyly from the torches.

She would make a perfect triplet to the Blas twins, cast in living gold.

And there, after some days jungle-scouting, Blas Ramos picked out a plot, giving wide berth to all privately owned land.