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BL (or similar) may refer to:

BL (logic)

Basic fuzzy Logic (or shortly BL), the logic of continuous t-norms, is one of t-norm fuzzy logics. It belongs to the broader class of substructural logics, or logics of residuated lattices; it extends the logic of all left-continuous t-norms MTL.

Usage examples of "bl".

BLS at last, seen his parents regain their self-respect, despite the oppressive grip of the Committee of Public Safety and State Security.

Highmurf Blim watched with satisfaction as fire swept across the knights' garrison.

And it was blim, blam, blim, six times an' twice over, with his two big horse-pistols, an' the house perforated like a cullender.

Essentially, the BLS was a straight exchange of government services for a permanent block vote supporting the Legislaturalists who controlled the government.

The government saw only two ways out: to bite the bullet, end deficit spending, abolish the BLS, and hope to weather the resultant catastrophic reorganization, or to find some other source of income to shore up the budget.

Faced with a treasury which had been effectively empty for over a century, desperation had driven Frankel to propose limiting BLS adjustments to the inflation rate, maintaining its actual buying power without increase.