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BKA or B.K.A. may refer to:

  • Bundeskriminalamt, or Federal Criminal Police Office (Germany)
  • Bundeskanzleramt, or Federal Chancellery of Austria
  • Below-knee amputation
  • Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures, a children's television show on PBS
  • The phrase "better known as"
  • The British Kendo Association, a non-profit organisation supporting kendo, iaido, and jodo
  • Biełaruskaja Krajovaja Abarona, a Belarusian military group that fought alongside the SS during World War II
  • Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club, a member of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)
  • IATA code for Bykovo Airport near Moscow, Russia
  • Bekir Kemal Ataman 1