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BJFE Guitar Effects is a company which manufactures effects pedal for use with instruments such as an electric guitar. These pedals are commonly used by guitarists to modify the sound of their guitar before it passes through the amplifiers speaker system. The company is located in Sweden, and was founded in 2000 by Björn Juhl. "BJFE" stands for Björn Juhl Förstärkarelektronik (which is Swedish for Björn Juhl Amplifier Electronics). Pedal types include distortion, overdrive, "vibe" (vibrato), compression, and equalization (EQ). Due to the limited production and handbuilt nature, these pedals are considered "boutique" guitar effects.

BJFE pedals are all handmade by BJ and his wife Eva Juhl paints the lettering and pictures. BJFE pedals typically follow a "color" naming scheme, and an adjective to describe the sound. See below for examples. Customshop models are usually painted by Donner Rusk (aka "Donnerbox") in the USA.

BJFE drive pedals designs also tend to lend themselves well to "stacking", or cascading several pedals in successive order. Björn has written a guide on this here. Also, the drive pedals typically are very dynamic in nature- showing different EQ or distortion depth as the input guitar level changes. For example, the Honeybee overdrive may sound nearly clean with guitar volume at the lower range of its sweep, but gritty and overdriven with the guitar volume at its maximum setting.