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Bitto (TV series)

Bitto is a Hindi language Indian television drama series which premiered on 17 May 2010 on Sahara One. The series is produced by Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe Entertainment and the story focuses on the prevalent caste-based discrimination in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Bitto is an Italian DOP ( Denominazione di Origine Protetta) cheese produced in the Valtelline valley in Lombardy. It owes its name to the Bitto river. Bitto is produced only in the summer months when the cows feed on the high alpine meadows.

The cheese received the DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) recognition in 1996, with a less restrictive product specification than the traditional one.

Since then, another version of Bitto, called "Bitto Storico" (Historical Bitto), has been produced by means of traditional methods and promoted by Slow Food ( Slow movement). In 2016 Bitto Storico changed its name, the new name will be in effect from September the 1st, 2016.