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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bitt \Bitt\, n. (Naut.) See Bitts.


Bitt \Bitt\, v. t. [See Bitts.] (Naut.) To put round the bitts; as, to bitt the cable, in order to fasten it or to slacken it gradually, which is called veering away.


n. 1 (context nautical English) The bitts. 2 (context nautical English) A bollard. vb. (context nautical English) To put round the bitts.


n. a strong post (as on a wharf or quay or ship for attaching mooring lines); "the road was closed to vehicular traffic with bollards" [syn: bollard]


v. secure with a bitt; "bitt the ship line"

Usage examples of "bitt".

His hands blurred and conjured up a perfect knot, making them fast to a heavy iron bitt on the pier.

Roddy Bitts, and touched Penrod and Sam, each in turn, with his sabre.

But Roddy Bitts foresaw that something not within the rules of the game was about to happen.

Roderick Magsworth Bitts, Junior, were growing faint with increasing distance, Sam and Penrod had forgotten their differences and felt well disposed toward each other once more.

This last was employed for the benefit of Master Roderick Magsworth Bitts, Junior, on the Saturday following the flag-raising.

Penrod Schofield and Roderick Bitts and Maurice Levy LURED GEORGIE INTO THE CELLAR AND HAD HIM BEATEN BY NEGROES!

Not his alone: at that very moment Master Roderick Magsworth Bitts, Junior, was suffering also, consequent upon telephoning on the part of Mrs.

Sam Williams appeared in the doorway, and, behind Sam, Master Roderick Magsworth Bitts, Junior.

Master Bitts returned, and his manner was both dogged and apprehensive, the apprehension being more prevalent when he looked at Sam.

Magsworth Bitts inclines to think it was the work of a negro, as only one article was removed and nothing else found to be disturbed.

Master Roderick Magsworth Bitts, and the sound of splintering wood mingled with other sounds.

Giving up on making a meal on it, he brushed his hands and stood on the jear bitts for a better view.

The only way to judge was to stand on a gun breech or the jear bitts and watch the many isles and rocks slide past.

Meanwhile the bosun and his mates, together with the most experienced forecastle hands and tierers, roused out the best cable the Diane possessed, the most nearly new and unfrayed, a seventeen-inch cable that they turned end for end - no small undertaking in that confined space, since it weighed three and a half tons - and bent it to the best bower anchor by the wholly unworn end that had always been abaft the bitts: the bitter end.

Tewsley at the forebrace bitts why he is absent when parts-of-ship for exercise has been piped!