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He was practicing this attitude and reaction, when he felt a movement beside him and turned his head to see Biset standing beside him, as if waiting for his attention.

All the arbites on the ship, it seemed, with Mara and Biset in their front rank, were clustered just beyond the gap in the first screen, silently watching him.

Much of the same scene was repeated six hours later, and again for three more times before Biset and Mara, at once, sat down with bowls holding hardly more than a tablespoonful apiece of the ib pulp and choked it down.

Nearly all of them now, except Biset, had sacrificed at least a small part of their clothing to make a light shield for their eyes during sleeping hours.

For a second he was almost tempted to warn her that Biset had identified her as a revolutionary.

It was some hours later, when the recorder was playing loudly in the middle section, that he looked up to see Biset, this time, standing by his cot.

He rose to his feet on the physical impulse of his own rage, but by the time he was fully upright, Biset was gone.

He strode back through the screen entrance into the middle section of the lifeship and caught a glimpse of Biset in a comer, staring at him with widened, white-encircled eyes as he went by.

I should have told you that if Biset tries to make trouble for youin any wayyou come to me.

They go into that sort of depression during withdrawal after the pains quit, Biset says.

It was Biset who put into words the question that was in all their minds.

Goaded by his voice, Hem, Groce, Mara, and Biset picked up the limp alien body and carried it away.

If Biset and the others had just stepped outside the dome enclosing this building for a moment, they might be back inside even now.

Hem, smiling, had obviously no understanding of what Biset had meant in saying what she had.

Mara, Groce, Esteven, Di and Frencoand Biset, like Hem, holding a laser pistol.