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alt. 1 to pour a drink (for). 2 to drink deeply or excessively, carouse. vb. 1 to pour a drink (for). 2 to drink deeply or excessively, carouse.


v. cause a floating log to rotate by treading [syn: birl]

Usage examples of "birle".

Cteeost ps birle wt fnve ans to lh establrtmeyH b sonicl tsdmbnotrinan r.

Maybe it would have been better for all concerned if he had birled the bottle and rattled the dice like the rest.

The odd thing about his surprising interest in Miss Charlotte Birling was his obsession with her mouth.

Besides, a few things about Charlotte Birling abruptly made a great deal of sense.

Lady Birling asked, sitting beside Charlotte in their newly rented theater box.

Xavier intended to have a little chat with Lord Birling about underestimating the value of his daughter.

Lord Birling said, handing his greatcoat over to the Frobisher footman.

She behaved as she did because it was the right thing to do, not because her misbehavior would bring down London Society or the Birling family.

The street in front of Birling House boasted a few stray leaves, fooled by the cold weather into thinking it still winter, but nothing else moved.

She could think of no other explanation as to why he would wish to broach Birling House to see .

Hyde Park where he would be able to see anyone coming from the direction of Birling House.

Miss Charlotte Birling, whose name, This Author must confess, has never before graced the pages of this column.

Miss Birling is made of stern stuff, to be sure, but surely not that stern.

Somehow this brought home to her for the first time the sheer force of the Multiplier migration, its quality of being a cascading explosion of thistledown birling through and filling and abhorring the vacuum.

Half the young men about Birling have been calling on her, with her not even out yet.