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n. (plural of bireme English)

Usage examples of "biremes".

They were undecked biremes sitting low in the water, two men to an oar, each owning a skimpy sail.

They preferred taut, trim triremes and biremes, usually undecked, with two banks of oars in outriggers and very businesslike bronze beaks for ramming.

I command forty-three biremes and a handful of sailing merchantmen fitted with sweeps, a total force of near five thousand of the fiercest fighters in the world.

The wall had to be dismantled, of course, but that alone would not have detained him, for Lord Alexandros had left a couple of biremes and crews for his use.

We head there, out past the triremes and biremes docked for loading and unloading.

They numbered three hundred decked war galleys of three or more banks, over one hundred undecked two-banker biremes, and fifteen hundred transports stuffed with troops and marines.

Clodius the admiral set sail at the head of a flotilla rather than a fleet, some ten well-manned and properly decked biremes which neither Rex nor Clodius thought Metellus Nepos would miss when he turned up in Tarsus.

The night after the abortive assault, a score of biremes crept upriver, their oars muffled.

He glanced meaningfully toward the distant island, where two war-galleys were easing into view around the curve of coast, single-masted biremes propelled by a double bank of oars.

Once again, we could do naught but watch from a distance as they righted themselves slowly and wallowed, sunk halfway to their railings, waiting for death as one of the biremes drew nigh.