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birds of prey

n. (bird of prey English)

Birds of Prey (comics)

Birds of Prey was the name of several American comic book series, miniseries, and special editions published by DC Comics since 1996. The book's premise originated as a partnership between Black Canary and Barbara Gordon, who had adopted the codename Oracle at the time, but has expanded to include additional superheroines. The team name "Birds of Prey" was attributed to DC assistant editor Frank Pittarese in the text page of the first issue. The group is initially based in Gotham City and later operates in Metropolis and then relocates once more to "Platinum Flats", California, a new locale introduced in Birds of Prey in 2008.

The series was conceived by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and originally written by Chuck Dixon. Gail Simone scripted the comic from issue #56 to #108. Sean McKeever was originally to replace Simone, but McKeever subsequently decided to leave the project and only wrote issues #113-117; Tony Bedard, who wrote issues #109-112, briefly took over the title at issue #118. Artists have included Butch Guice, Greg Land, Ed Benes and Joe Bennett; Nicola Scott began a stint as artist with issue #100. In 2011, the title was relaunched under writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Jesus Saiz.

Despite the title of the series being Birds of Prey, the phrase was not mentioned in the book until issue #86, when one of the group's members, Zinda Blake, suggests that it might be a fitting name for the team. However, the other characters get sidetracked and do not respond to her suggestion. Oracle, the team's leader, refers to the group by that name in a conversation with the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, and later within the series.

The core of the team is made up of Oracle and Black Canary, with other heroines forming a rotating roster sometimes for extended periods, sometimes for merely one adventure. After Black Canary's departure, Huntress remained as the staple member and field leader, alongside new "core members." Following the events of Flashpoint (2011) and the company-wide relaunch as part of The New 52, Oracle recovers her mobility and reclaims her former Batgirl identity, taking a brief hiatus from the team in the process. Despite the previously all-female central roster, male allies such as Nightwing, Wildcat, Savant and Creote frequently assist missions. In addition, Hawk and Dove briefly joined the team, making Hawk its first male member.

Birds of Prey (TV series)

Birds of Prey is a television drama series produced in 2002. The series was developed by Laeta Kalogridis for The WB and is loosely based on the DC Comics series of the same name. The series takes place in a Gotham City abandoned by Batman. Despite the series debut garnering ratings of 7.6 million viewers (at the time, the network's largest premiere in the 18–34 demographic), the series was canceled after ratings fell sharply in subsequent weeks. Thirteen episodes were produced in total.

Birds of Prey (Drake novel)

Birds of Prey is a novel by science fiction / fantasy author David Drake, first published in 1984. It is related as a historical novel set in the late Roman Empire, in the second half of the Third Century. There is a science-fictional twist to the story, starting with hints of a time warp on the very first page and slowly revealing to the reader — and the protagonist — what is really going on behind the scenes. The story is told in a very vivid style, suggestive of cinematography.

Birds of Prey (Godley & Creme album)

Birds of Prey is the fifth album by English duo Godley & Creme. It was recorded at Lymehouse Studios, Leatherhead and engineered and re-mixed at Nigel Gray's Surrey Sound Studios. The album was released in 1983.

Birds of Prey (video game)

Birds of Prey is a 1992 flight simulator for the Amiga and IBM PC by Argonaut Games. It features a wide variety of NATO and Warsaw Pact aircraft and their respective ordnance as well as 12 different mission profiles. The entire game environment takes place on a vast dynamic map that consists of several land areas separated by the sea. The game plot revolves around a military conflict between two sides that have three air bases and two aircraft carriers each.

Birds of Prey (band)

Birds of Prey is a Southern-influenced death metal supergroup hailing from Richmond, Virginia. They released their third full-length, The Hellpreacher, through Relapse Records.

Birds of Prey (Smith novel)

Birds of Prey is a 1997 novel by Wilbur Smith set in the late 17th century. The novel was the first in the third sequence of the Courtney series of novels, and as of 2013 was chronologically the first in the entire series.

Smith says the book established the characteristics of the family: "Right from Birds of Prey... the Courtneys were pirates, merchants, looking to seize the main chance. They were very much driven by monetary considerations. But with the Ballantynes it was much more empire, patriotism, glory – the soldierly virtues."

Birds of Prey (1973 film)

Birds of Prey is a 1973 television movie starring David Janssen, Ralph Meeker, and Elayne Heilveil. The screenplay was written by Robert Boris from a story by Boris and Rupert Hitzig, and directed by William A. Graham. It is a crime action film depicting a radio station helicopter traffic reporter who, witnessing an armored car robbery, engages in a chase when the suspects flee in a vehicle and then switch to their own get-away helicopter.

Birds of Prey (ski course)

Birds of Prey is a World Cup downhill ski course in the western United States, located at Beaver Creek, Colorado. A regular stop on the men's World Cup tour, the races in Beaver Creek are usually held in early December. The course hosted the Alpine World Championships in February 1999 and 2015. With lower starting gates, it is also used for Super-G and Giant Slalom races.

Birds of Prey (1930 film)

Birds of Prey, also known in the United States as The Perfect Alibi, is a 1930 British mystery film produced and directed by Basil Dean, from a screenplay he co-wrote with A.A. Milne from Milne's play which was known as The Perfect Alibi in the United States and The Fourth Wall in the United Kingdom. The film starred Dorothy Boyd, Robert Loraine, Warwick Ward, C. Aubrey Smith, and Frank Lawton. and starring Robert Loraine, Warwick Ward and Frank Lawton, and was produced at Beaconsfield Studios by Associated Talking Pictures.

Birds of Prey (Hank Roberts album)

Birds of Prey is the second album led by cellist Hank Roberts which was recorded in 1990 and released on the JMT label.

Usage examples of "birds of prey".

Lions were wild beasts and snakes were vermin, but eagles like all birds of prey had long lived in a measure of harmony beside humankind as hunting birds.

Some seeds of the oat, wheat, millet, canary, hemp, clover, and beet germinated after having been from twelve to twenty-one hours in the stomachs of different birds of prey.

There was some confusion as they and their animals - horses, huge dogs, hunting cats, and birds of prey - milled about, and then it was apparent that about half of them were packing up and moving off, away from the crater, while the rest stayed.

All clans and cities had their badges, and many, like Croser and Spire Vanis, chose birds of prey, but none had claimed a raven for their own.

Mingled with harsh high voices as of birds of prey, and the shrill neighing of horses wild with rage and fear, there came a rending screech, shivering, rising swiftly to a piercing pitch beyond the range of hearing.