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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bird's-eye \Bird's"-eye`\, a.

  1. Seen from above, as if by a flying bird; embraced at a glance; hence, general; not minute, or entering into details; as, a bird's-eye view.

  2. Marked with spots resembling bird's eyes; as, bird's-eye diaper; bird's-eye maple.


Bird's-eye \Bird's"-eye`\, n. (Bot.) A plant with a small bright flower, as the Adonis or pheasant's eye, the mealy primrose ( Primula farinosa), and species of Veronica, Geranium, etc.


a. 1 Having spots resembling the eyes of a bird 2 As if viewed from an altitude; panoramic n. A fabric having a pattern of small circles or diamonds with a spot in each centre


adj. as from an altitude or distance; "a bird's-eye survey"; "a panoramic view" [syn: panoramic]

Usage examples of "bird's-eye".

If any one had gone round the fields on old May-day, the 13th, _his_ May-day, they might have found the deep blue bird's-eye veronica, anemones, star-like stitchworts, cowslips, buttercups, lesser celandine, daisies, white blackthorn, and gorse in bloom--in short, a list enough to make a page bright with colour, though the wind might be bitter.

The bedroom windows were always left partly open, to afford a bird's-eye view of numerous little bedsteads with very white dimity furniture, and thereby impress the passer-by with a due sense of the luxuries of the establishment.

This idea was borne out by an odd blotchiness, for sometimes there would be half a mile or more of seeming moorland, then a sharply defined change (or it seemed sharply defined from that bird's-eye point of view).

         I have no intention of boring you with a bird's-eye view of Danzig -- venerable city of many towers, city of belfries and bells, allegedly still pervaded by the breath of the Middle Ages -- in any case you can see the whole panorama in dozens of excellent prints.

The honey-toned, bird's-eye maple entertainment center, with ebony accents, was a modified obelisk, not gracefully tapered like a standard obelisk, but of chunky proportions.

He carried her across the wide-board floor into the pine-wainscoted bedroom and laid her down on a patchwork quilt on a bird's-eye maple bed.

Cecil was back in the large, low room panelled with bird's-eye maple.

The top was carved from bird's-eye maple, polished and oiled to bring out its fractal perfection.

He stepped to the closed door across the hall, hesitated, opened it, and peered into a bedroom with exquisite contemporary furnishings in lacewood and bird's-eye maple, which somehow didn't seem at odds with the considerable age of the house.

A pair of grimacing masks flanked a bird's-eye maple vanity table.

The banister was bird's-eye maple, the ironwork beneath it intricate and pretty.

The sensation of the roof dropping away from her feet, combined with the icy wind slamming into her face, took all the pleasure out of her bird's-eye view of Immersea at sunset.

Would his bird's-eye view give him some insight into what had happened, and make explanations unnecessary?

It was a window, and through it, they could see a bird's-eye view of open sea, with the dark line of a wooded island in the distance.

The suite was filled with the blaring sounds of the heavy traffic from the streets below, but it had what she wanted: a bird's-eye view of the Prado.