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Bira may refer to:

  • Prince Bira (1914–1985), motor racing driver
  • Biotin ligase (BirA), an enzyme used in biotechnology, which links biotin to proteins through an amide bond, achieving site-specific biotinylation.
  • Boura (Achaea) (alternatively spelled Bira or Bura), an ancient city of Achaea, Greece
  • Bira, Russia, an urban-type settlement in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Russia
  • Bira River, a river in Russia
  • Bira gun, a machine gun designed and manufactured in Nepal
  • Bira (footballer)
  • Al-Bira, Baysan, Palestinian village, depopulated 1948.
  • Bira ceremony, a Shona spiritual ceremony where the ancestral spirits communicate with the living
  • Bira people, a tribe in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Bira Circuit, a motorsport venues in Thailand
Bira (footballer)

''' Ubiraci Ferreira dos Santos ''', commonly known as ''' Bira ''', (born 27 April 1969) is a former Brazilian footballer.