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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1888, from bio- + -metric.


a. Of, pertaining to or using biometrics


Usage examples of "biometric".

The solution, requiring more research and development, is likely to combine radio frequency technology with biometric identifiers.

Department of Homeland Security, properly supported by the Congress, should complete, as quickly as possible, a biometric entry-exit screening system, including a single system for speeding qualified travelers.

Linking biometric passports to good data systems and decisionmaking is a fundamental goal.

Replacement of these systems and improved biometric systems will be required.

While the gradual introduction of biometric identifiers will help, that process will take years, and a name match will always be useful.

The airport biometric scanners might have been off-line, but Rakkim had decided to puddle-jump their way south anyway.

Either there was a backup, biometric system- fingerprints or handprints, retinal scans and the like--or codes would have to be entered by the person seeking entrance.

In the early 1950s, Sir Solly Zuckerman published extensive biometric studies showing Australopithecus was not as humanlike as imagined by those who favored putting this creature in the lineage of Homo sapiens.

She glanced at its display and saw a strong series of biometric readings from Captain Gold.

With the progress of Mendelian research, biometric methods must be supplemented with pedigree studies.

In human heredity, on the other hand, because of the great difficulties attendant upon an application of Mendelian methods, the biometric mode of attack is still the most useful, and has been largely used in the present book.

Kurt had pithed and puppetized him, and that was their biometric token sorted.

Those, fortunately, were safety locked and required biometric authentication, which could not be performed at a distance.

Their computer security ciphers are extremely sophisticated and rely heavily on biometric identification.

Ordo does not come with biometric verification, nor do its error messages refer to John Cantrell, or anyone else, by name.