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alt. (context abbreviation English) biology. n. (context abbreviation English) biology.


Biol may refer to:

  • Abbreviation for Biology
  • Biol, a commune of the Isère département, in France

Usage examples of "biol".

It is interesting that both the publicized crises-- atomic energy and space capability-- have concerned chemistry and physics, not biology.

Chemistry followed in the wake of physics, but biology, the retarded child, lagged far behind.

The postwar period ushered in a new era of biologic research, spurred by the discovery of antibiotics.

Suddenly there was both enthusiasm and money for biology, and a torrent of discoveries poured forth: tranquilizers, steroid hormones, immunochemistry, the genetic code.

It was not long before biology was the fastest-growing field in all science.

At the time of Andromeda, there had never been a crisis of biological science, and the first Americans faced with the facts were not disposed to think in terms of one.

Merrick, the English biophysicist, presented a paper to the Tenth Biological Symposium at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island.

The paper was entitled "Frequencies of Biologic Contact According to Speciation Probabilities.

But ten years later, with more money for biology and more concern for it, a new group emerged, led by DeBakey in Houston, Farmer in Boston, Heggerman in New York, and Stone in California.

At that time, the ARPL was heavily invested in chemistry and physics-- ion sprays, reversal duplication, pi-meson substrates-- but there was growing interest in biologic problems.

These five were prepared to mobilize immediately in the event of a biologic emergency.

The Johns Hopkins program was devised to evaluate "studies of actual or potential injuries and illnesses, studies on diseases of potential biological-warfare significance, and evaluation of certain chemical and immunological responses to certain toxoids and vaccines.

This was considered feasible since, for biologic problems, real time was unimportant in relation to computer time, and multiple problems could be fed and handled at once.

The biological explosion had created a demand for genetically uniform animals.

It was a principle of biology that evolution was directed toward increased reproductive potential.