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Binz is the largest seaside resort on the German island of Rügen.

It is situated between the bay of Prorer Wiek and the Schmachter See (a lake) in the southeast of the island. To the north of Binz stretches the Schmale Heide (the "narrow heath"), a tongue of land which joins the Muttland region of Rügen to the Jasmund peninsula. The land to the south and east of Binz is hilly, reaching a height of over 100 metres above sea level.

Binz is famous for its charming and well-kept historical resort architecture and the natural scenery, close to the Jasmund National Park and its chalk cliffs.

Binz (vehicles)

Binz GmbH & Co. KG is a coachbuilder and custom vehicle manufacturer. It manufacturers ambulances, firetrucks, police cars and other emergency-service vehicles as well as modified military vehicles. It also produces other custom vehicles such as vehicles for the handicapped, limousines and hearses mainly on a Mercedes-Benz platform. It was founded in 1936 as coachbuilder Binz Lorch & Co by Michael Binz in Lorch, Germany. In the 1950s they also produced the Binz scooter. In 2012 the RMA Group acquired the assets of Binz Ilmenau to continue its operation as BINZ Ambulance- und Umwelttechnik GmbH.