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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"girlfriend," 1855, British English, from Arabic bint "daughter;" adopted by British servicemen in the Middle East.


n. (context British pejorative English) A woman, a girl.

Usage examples of "bint".

Two hours after his arrival at the clinic, forty minutes after Alpha bint Hezra-Fong had analyzed the poisons in his blood and slapped on stimpatches of the appropriate antidotes, the nervous convulsions had stopped.

Alpha bint Hezra-Fong pointed out, somewhat snappishly, when Blaize apologized for the primitive accommodations.

The governor, like all the civilians left on Shemali, was constantly dosed with Alpha bint Hezra- Fongs Seductron.

Alpha bint Hezra-Fong made her way to the main cabin and found her traveling companions engaged in one of those silly role-playing games.