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n. (context physics English) The superpartner of the gauge boson corresponding to weak hypercharge.

Bino (footballer)

Manuel Albino Morim Maçães (born 19 December 1972 in Póvoa de Varzim), known as Bino, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a central midfielder.


Bino may refer to:

  • Bino (singer), Italian pop singer

Bino (artist), Sweden (swedish) artist

  • Bino (footballer), nickname of retired Portuguese footballer Manuel Albino Morim Maçães
  • Binoculars
  • Bino, one of the hypothetical gaugino elementary particles
Bino (singer)

Bino (born Benedetto Arico; * 24 April 1953 in Contessa Entellina; † 19 October 2010 in Contessa Entellina) was an Italian pop singer.

Usage examples of "bino".

Para mejor efectuar su negocio, a los 11 de Junio de 1606 estando en la baya, que beniamos de una isla que estaba cerca, bino a las ocho de la noche el viento Sul algo fresco, conque los amotinados pusieron por hobra su mal intento, y siendo de noche, y lejos de nosotros alsaron en popa, sin berlo ese hablador por estar en su camara de popa.

Then from his supplies belt, he removed a small pair of electronic sensor binos and, putting them to his eyes, studied the rooftop.

I panned with the binos along the opposite side of the spur, starting from the far right-hand side.

I put the binos down and had a swig of Coke, which was now warm and horrible, like the weather.

The binos were old technology, not even light gathering, but in conditions like this they worked well enough.

We were near enough that with our binos we could see their faces, you know.

He got out of his car and left the alley on foot, his binos in his hand.

Trabes derectae perpetuae in longitudinem paribus iutervallis, distantes inter se binos pedes, in solo collocantur.

Faraday swung the binos in time to catch a blur of shadow as the military jet crested the distant swell of Portsdown Hill.

He lingered a moment, wondering what it might be like to live on a site like this, to wake up every morning to views of Southsea se afront across the churning tide, then he let the binos drift down again until he was following a line of open gun ports.

The weapons, binos, and lunchboxes remained in place, as did the hide.