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n. 1 (context informal childish English) A stuffed animal, blanket, or toy that a small child is more attached to than any other, and often sleeps with. 2 (context rabbit behavior English) A high hop that a rabbit may perform when happy. 3 (context US informal childish English) A baby's pacifier. ''See'' [http://en.wikipedi

  1. org/wiki/Pacifier Pacifier]. In the U.S. (Reg. 0334946) and a number of other countries, BINKY is a brand of pacifiers, owned by Playtex Products, Inc. ''See'' [] v

  2. (context intransitive rabbit behavior English) To perform a high hop, as when happy.


Binky may refer to:

Binky (polar bear)

Binky (1975 – July 20, 1995) was a polar bear who lived at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. Found as an orphan on Alaska's North Slope, he was taken to the zoo and quickly became one of its most popular attractions. He became a local hero and received international news coverage after mauling two zoo visitors in separate incidents in 1994. Binky died in 1995 from sarcocystosis, a parasitic disease.

Usage examples of "binky".

We all knew where he was goingto the Penn-Mar Hotel on Ninth Avenue, where Binky would be waiting for him.

In many ways Binky was a good friend to me and I used to wonder what would happen if I tried, in the jargon of the day, to complicate our relationship.

It was only several days before that I had learned about Binky and Weede.

I kept doing this until Binky came in to get her coat, which she always hung behind my door.

Half an hour later Binky came in, hung her coat behind the door and went right out again.

The ringing stopped and I figured that Binky had answered on her phone.

As I lifted the receiver Binky shifted positions and the coat slipped onto the floor and her skirt moved up her leg, making that fine hushing sound, and twisted nicely around her thighs.

Later I went back to my office, woke up Binky and told her to go home.

I went into the kitchen and Wendy turned and then we were all over each other, heavy and ravenous, jammed into a corner, and what I saw in my mind was Binky asleep on my sofa.

When Binky and I were finished talking I hung up and then had the voice call the network all over again.

Each bear has a name-badge: Bobby, Bobo, Bruno, Bibi, Betty, Binky etc.

I pictured him flinging his binky, his bottle, his snacks, and stuffed animals, a hurricane of objects announcing his presence.

I figure that if you kill enough people and lay waste to enough kingdoms and despoil the countryside and stuff, you can call yourself Binky and people will still wet themselves when they hear it.

Unfortunately, the favorite binky had come as a baby shower gift from somebody, and neither Toni nor Alex had been able to find a match for it anywhere.

Binky fought for height, rising nearly vertically with his hooves thrashing the air and his breath curling away behind him like a vapour trail.