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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bink \Bink\, n. A bench. [North of Eng. & Scot.]


n. (context UK Northern England Scotland dialect English) A bench.


Bink may refer to:

  • Bink Video, a video format popular in many video games
  • Bink (The Magicians of Xanth), a character of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony
  • Bink (producer), a hip-hop producer
Bink (record producer)

Roosevelt Harrell III (born in Norfolk, Virginia) professionally known as Bink is a Grammy winning hip hop producer who is noted for his work with Roc-A-Fella Records artists. His most high-profile work has been Jay-Z's critically acclaimed album The Blueprint, for which he produced three tracks, including the first and last tracks on the album. He is sometimes credited as Bink!, Bink Dawg or B. Dog. In 2011, Bink and American-reggae artist Atiba finished a collaborative album titled Foreigner. A release date for the project has yet to be announced.

Bink (animated character)

Bink is a cartoon character and the unofficial mascot of Eric Miller Animation Studios. He was created by Eric M. Miller and Charlie Petrek at the Eric Miller Animation Studios in 2015, and designed by Valerio Fabbretti. Bink is an unknown species from Earth who is covered in yellow fur with blue spots, and cloth wraps around his forearms, and lower legs. He also wears an amulet around his neck which looks like a compass of some sort.

Bink first appeared in the first episode of the animated web series "Bink" which was released in May 2016. In the web series it shows Bink in a testing facility where scientist perform tests on him to learn about him and his unknown species. In the web series there is a mechanical hand which attempts to perform the tests on Bink, but is often unsuccessful at getting Bink to behave during the tests. The humor comes from this conflict between the two characters.

Usage examples of "bink".

Even while trying to threaten Bink it had been destroyed by another agency.

Even as Bink watched, one of the lakes expanded slightly, making itself seem cooler and deeper, a better place for a swim.

Magician identified a talent for Bink, then he would not be exiled, and he would have a year available.

His father seemed privately pleased that Bink had shown so much courage and tenacity in adversity, even in his wrongdoing.

Why should such people qualify as citizens of Xanth while Bink, who was smart, strong, and handsome, was disqualified?

There was disgust in her voice, nominally directed at the intruders, but Bink suspected part of it applied to him.

He would not go so far as to call this a fault in her, but at times it became annoyingly inconvenient Bink himself never let trouble bar him from a matter of principle.

Unfortunately, though the golem was immune to poison gas, Bink was not.

In this manner Bink had been prevented from breathing the gas a second time, until his rigid body had been carried out.

Now it was up to Bink to do what he had to do--to become a real live man.

Yet it was unfunny to Bink, for it meant he was still dependent on her--until he finished what she had prepared and foraged for himself.

But maybe the centaur was not unfriendly, despite appearances---or did not know that Bink had no magic.

Through a freak of timing, it missed Bink and clubbed into the trunk of the needle cactus.

Once more Bink had lucked out: he was miraculously untouched by either hoof or needles.

Once, when Bink was a child, a horsefly had been singed by a dragon, losing its flight feathers, and had had to prostitute itself so far as to give the villagers short rides in exchange for food and protection.