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Usage examples of "binh".

He owned an old French Colonial in Saigon, but spent the bulk of his time at his house in Binh Khoi, one of the flower townscommunities built at the turn of the century, intended to provide privacy and comfort for well-to-do Vietnamese whose sexual preferences did not conform to communist morality.

The pictures taken at Binh Khoi rankled me the mostI hated to see him laughing and smiling.

I began to plan his murder both in Binh Khoi and SaigonI had schematics detailing the security systems of both homes.

But when I accessed the bookings for the month of March, I saw that during the week of the 17th through the 23rdthe latter date just ten days from my birthdaywe were scheduled to perform in Binh Khoi.

I thought this must be a mistakeVang had probably been thinking of Binh Khoi and my father while recording a new booking and had inadvertently put down the wrong name.

So it was that by the time we arrived in Binh Khoi, I had made scarcely any progress in adjusting to the possibility that I might soon come face-to-face with the man who had killed my mother.

In one aspect, Binh Khoi was the perfect venue for us, since the town affected the same conceit as the circus, being designed to resemble a fragment of another time.

The beach at Vung Tau, once the foundation of our union, has been replaced by a night on Yen Phu Street in Binh Khoi, and no edifice built upon such imperfect stone could be other than cracked and deficient.

The general had sent his official staff car to pick up her mother soon after, and Binh Duc had snuck into their home the next day, threatening her mother that if he ever saw another American on Villard property, he would have to reconsider their neutral status.

Dany was terrified that if any American vehicle came into their long driveway, for whatever reason, Binh Duc would retaliateviolently.

If the Marines got involved in an investigation, Binh Duc would be furious and even more distrustful of her neutrality.

VC leader by the name of Binh Duc probably is responsible for this murder.

Constable Jordan in Da Nang a week ago, and he feels Binh Duc is probably responsible for the placement of the mine that killed Mrs.

In spite of his civilian clothes, word might get back to Binh Duc that he was here, on her property, once again.

Her head warned her that taking Vinh to the Marine base was a dangerous decision that could eventually affect her tentative neutrality with Binh Duc.