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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bin/dustbin bagBritish English
▪ Use the black bin bags provided by the council.
bin liner
bread bin
litter bin
loony bin
pedal bin
rubbish bin
▪ a rubbish bin
sin bin
wheelie bin
▪ But then, with an exclamation of self-mockery, she went into the galley and brushed the hairs into the waste bin.
▪ She also suggested the unit should house in a large slide-out waste bin.
▪ Bodie upturned the waste bin and sorted through the small pile of chewing-gum wrappers, empty cigarette packets, and cigarette butts.
▪ Lily put them, unhesitatingly, in the waste paper bin.
▪ The shit went into a waste bin, and Lucy went into the Wardrobe room to wait.
▪ He was burning the Fax message in a metal waste bin or my name was Roylance Maclean.
▪ William I mean-today's newspapers will be lining tomorrow's waste paper bins.
▪ Laura took a large plain loaf from the bread bin, and began slicing it.
▪ She went to the bread bin and seemed to be preparing to make herself a piece of toast.
▪ They had to pass round bin liners so that people could throw in their sodden tissues.
▪ In the end, to draw matters to an unhappy conclusion they all agreed that it had probably been a bin liner.
▪ Buy products made with recycled paper or plastic,such as bin liners, toilet tissue or kitchen paper.
▪ Stash old plastic or paper shopping bags near the rubbish or garbage bin and then you can re-cycle them as bin liners.
▪ He shoved a bin liner of the stuff over his head, it stuck to his hair and he collapsed.
▪ The mess of pizza fragments, uneaten chips, beer-cans, papers, had been swept into the litter bin.
▪ Eventually I threw up into a litter bin attached to a crowded bus shelter on St George's Road.
▪ He remembered Woil staying by the bench and the litter bin where the Men could reach him.
▪ And when I pretended to be a horse I got so excited I bumped into this litter bin and fell over.
▪ The worse for drink, he lurches away, staggering to a litter bin where he is sick.
▪ Amid the clattering trams and the hurrying crowds at the Hackescher Markt, the golden litter bin stands out.
▪ Yesterday we found a baby that some one had thrown into a rubbish bin in the street.
▪ Oracle has denied knowledge of the detective agency's methods, which included sifting through rubbish bins.
▪ Logic insists that Sebastian should have set a match to this vile document and consigned it to the rubbish bin.
▪ Even the rubbish bins were empty.
▪ The flakes of mud would have been carefully removed and put in the rubbish bin in the kitchen.
▪ Beneath the window is a bilingual rubbish bin with a spelling mistake.
▪ Most people think of waste as being the contents of the domestic rubbish bin.
▪ Leonard was sent to the sin bin.
▪ Near their back porch, they said, rats scamper about, and maggots slither near trash bins.
▪ The second blast went off near a trash bin in the parking lot.
▪ Law enforcement agents and reporters were standing within feet of the trash bin where the second blast occurred.
▪ Instead of routinely tossing frequent-flier program newsletters into the trash bin, peruse them for upcoming bargains.
▪ They checked culverts, trash bins and washes.
▪ And the answer so simple: what is not wanted ... goes in the bin.
▪ Rella was going through the bins.
▪ She went to the bread bin and seemed to be preparing to make herself a piece of toast.
▪ The shit went into a waste bin, and Lucy went into the Wardrobe room to wait.
▪ The piles of pamphlets and the hand-outs went in the bin.
▪ It may as well go straight in the bin.
▪ Sometimes you chuck summat away by accident and then you have to go looking in bins to find it.
▪ It was a waste of time, they were so bloodstained they went to the bin anyway.
▪ The flakes of mud would have been carefully removed and put in the rubbish bin in the kitchen.
▪ Male speaker I put their bins out, change light bulbs, they're not afraid to ask.
▪ A large wooden bin with slatted sides and a removable front is easy to make from timber.
▪ But then, with an exclamation of self-mockery, she went into the galley and brushed the hairs into the waste bin.
▪ Instead of routinely tossing frequent-flier program newsletters into the trash bin, peruse them for upcoming bargains.
▪ Several cities set up drop-off bins.
▪ She had been left covered by a black bin bag.
▪ Some designs have no control group comparison at all; these are referred to as quasi-experimental bins.
▪ The vast majority of people in Thurrock took my advice and put the silly leaflet in the bin.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bin \Bin\, n. [OE. binne, AS. binn manager, crib; perh. akin to D. ben, benne, basket, and to L. benna a kind of carriage ( a Gallic word), W. benn, men, wain, cart.] A box, frame, crib, or inclosed place, used as a receptacle for any commodity; as, a corn bin; a wine bin; a coal bin.


Bin \Bin\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Binned; p. pr. & vb. n. Binning.] To put into a bin; as, to bin wine.


Bin \Bin\ An old form of Be and Been. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"receptacle," Old English binne "basket, manger, crib," probably from Gaulish, from Old Celtic *benna, akin to Welsh benn "a cart," especially one with a woven wicker body. The same Celtic word seems to be preserved in Italian benna "dung cart," French benne "grape-gatherer's creel," Dutch benne "large basket," all from Late Latin benna "cart," Medieval Latin benna "basket." Some linguists think there was a Germanic form parallel to the Celtic one.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A box, frame, crib, or enclosed place, used as a storage container. 2 A container for rubbish or waste. vb. 1 (label en chiefly British informal) To dispose of (something) by putting it into a bin, or as if putting it into a bin. 2 (label en British informal) To throw away, reject, give up. 3 (label en statistics) To convert continuous data into discrete groups. 4 (label en transitive) To place into a bin for storage. Etymology 2

n. (lb en in Arabic names) son of; equivalent to Hebrew (m he בן tr=ben). Etymology 3

contraction (label en text messaging) Contraction of being Etymology 4

vb. (label en dialectal and text messaging) (alternative form of been English) Etymology 5

n. (label en computing informal) (form of A short form binary English)

  1. n. a container; usually has a lid

  2. the quantity contained in a bin [syn: binful]

  3. an identification number consisting of a two-part code assigned to banks and savings associations; the first part shows the location and the second identifies the bank itself [syn: bank identification number, ABA transit number]

  4. [also: binning, binned]

  1. v. store in bins

  2. [also: binning, binned]


Bin and similar can mean:

  • A kind of receptacle, especially a wastebin or recycling bin.
  • A "bin box" or pallet sized container: bulk box
Bin (computational geometry)

thumb|upright=2|The bin data structure. thumb|upright=2|A histogram ordered into 100,000 bins.

In computational geometry, the bin is a data structure which allows efficient region queries. Each time a data point falls into a bin, the frequency of that bin is increased by one.

For example, if there are some axis-aligned rectangles on a 2D plane, answers the question: "Given a query rectangle, what are the rectangles intersecting it?". In the example in the figure, A, B, C, D, E and F are existing rectangles, the query with the rectangle Q should return C, D, E and F, if we define all rectangles as closed intervals.

The data structure partitions a region of the 2D plane into uniform-sized bins. The bounding box of the bins encloses all candidate rectangles to be queried. All the bins are arranged in a 2D array. All the candidates are represented also as 2D arrays. The size of a candidate's array is the number of bins it intersects. For example, in the figure, candidate B has 6 elements arranged in a 3 row by 2 column array because it intersects 6 bins in such an arrangement. Each bin contains the head of a singly linked list. If a candidate intersects a bin, it is chained to the bin's linked list. Each element in a candidate's array is a link node in the corresponding bin's linked list.

Bin (city)

Bin ( Chinese: t , s , p Bīn) was a Chinese settlement during the Xia and Shang dynasties. It was said to be located between the Rong and Di barbarians. It was possibly located near Qingcheng in Gansu and is the modern namesake of Bin in Shaanxi.

Bin was the ancestral home of the Ji clan after Buzhu moved them from Tai after resigning his post in the Xia. The clan maintained control over the settlement until Ancient Duke Danfu removed them again and led his people to Zhou along the Wei River.

Usage examples of "bin".

Intracompany mail bins Policy: Intracompany mail bins must not be located in publicly accessible areas.

Bin Ria Dem Loa Alem, was the child of the current partnership -- although the biological child of which woman, I never discovered -- and that he was dying of cancer.

Bin Ria Dem Loa Alem will be entitled to full medical care at the Pax base at Bombasino.

We were a strange procession -- Dem Ria and Dem Loa sweeping down the steep staircase ahead of me, then me carrying the flechette pistol and fumbling the rucksack on my back, then little Bin followed by his sister, Ces Ambre, then, carefully locking the trapdoor behind him, Alem Mikail Dem Alem.

It happened in the middle of an end-of -year bargain sale, when all of them had been trying to get the only bronze alembic left in a bin.

Binalshibh rejoined Atta and Jarrah, who said they already had pledged loyalty to Bin Ladin and urged him to do the same.

Ich kann mein Gefuehl nur zuweilen nicht finden, weil ich oft sehr muede vom Leiden bin und vom Ringen mit jener Aufgabe, welche mein Selbst mir stellt.

Ja, ich der Krieger, der Unweise, bin dort gewesen, wo du noch nie gewesen bist, habe gesehen, was du noch nie gesehen hast, mein Pendaran, selbst dann nicht, wenn du mit verbundenen Augen an einem dunklen Orte lagst, mit einem schweren Stein auf deinem Bauch.

I tossed the paper into the kitchen bin, where it fluttered to rest among the dead teabags and accumulated strata of half-eaten frozen TV dinners, their seams marked by the azoic ooze of brightly coloured sauces.

Mr Mouse scampered away and Blinky saw his tail disappear round the bin.

When the wind blows outside, dust still clouds up from the meal bin through the chute into the tattered bolter that hangs crooked in its frame.

Whilst the maid busied herself at the refrigerator, Paula threw the leaf in the rubbish bin and washed her hands at the kitchen sink.

CIA Director George Tenet met with his counterterrorism chief, Cofer Black, at CIA headquarters to review the latest on Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terror organization.

The lower turning about, where the couer did close with the vessell being of two parts, ioyned togither with an excellent foliature, halfe a foote broad, as if they had bin inseparable.

If Red Cat raided a bin and overturned it, it was Mrs Cribbage who would sigh with irritation and set it upright.