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Bimbia was an independent state of Isubu people of Cameroon, in 1884 annexed by the Germans and incorporated in the colony of Kamerun. It lies in Southwest Region, to the south of Mount Cameroon and to the west of the Wouri estuary. Is situated at the East coast of the Limbe Sub Division.

Bimbia consists of three villages:

  • Dikolo
  • Bona Ngombe
  • Bona Bille

In 1932 when the population of Bimbia was about 2500 peoples.

Bimbia was the first place whitemen, the Jamaican and English Baptist missionaries led by Rev. Alfred Saker set foot on the Cameroon shore in 1858, from Fernando Po. There he built the first school and first church. Later he went to Victoria where he built the Ebenezer Baptist Church. The Bimbia man was the first person to go to Saker's school and the first to become Christian.