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n. (plural of billet English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: billet)

Billets (film)

Billets is a 1925 silent-era British comedy film directed by Leslie S. Hiscott and featuring Sydney Fairbrother and Irene Tripod.

Usage examples of "billets".

While the solicitor was employed in this negotiation, he despatched his valet-de-chambre to one nobleman, and Maurice to another, with billets, signifying the nature of the verdict which his adversary had obtained, and desiring that each would lend him a thousand pounds upon his parole, until he could negotiate bills upon the Continent.

I had no difficulty now in arranging for my billets, as that was always done for me by our Camp Commandant.

All these farms were used as billets by the battalions who were in reserve.

We had some very good rest billets for the men in the area around Hooggraaf.

Deep down, in passages scooped out of the chalk were the various offices of the division and the billets for the staff.

It was certainly delightful to get back to clean billets, and to be able to enjoy the charming spring weather on roads that were not shelled and in fields that were rich in the promise of summer.

They had comfortable billets but the Germans soon found out their location and sent over some very big shells.

Division came out of the line on August 21st, and moved back to our old billets in Bruay.

After securing billets in the Hotel Bristol, I went back for the party.

At Averdoignt they had one of the best rest billets they ever had, and they enjoyed it thoroughly.

The Squadron had most comfortable billets in huts, and were a most charming lot of young men.

When darkness fell and the stars looked out of the quiet sky, I said good-night to my cavalry friends, whose billets were down in a hollow to the right, and started off to find some place to sleep.

I had breakfast with the 7th Battalion officers in their dugout by the roadside near the cavalry billets, and then started off to join the 8th Battalion which was going to attack that morning.

Friday the 16th of August our Division left Beaufort and moved back to billets at Le Quesnel.

The General and his staff made their billets in a deep cave which was entered from the road.