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Bille (Elbe)

The river Bille is a small, slow-flowing river in Stormarn, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, a right tributary of the Elbe. Its source is near Linau, north of the Hahnheide forest. It then flows south of Trittau, representing the border between Stormarn and Lauenburg, continues south of Reinbek and reaches the river Elbe near Billwerder. A lot of old estates and tasteful parks are laid out along its riverbank. Its total length is 65 km.

The Bille is one of three rivers which flow through the city of Hamburg, the other two being the Elbe and the Alster.

Bille in Hamburg-Bergedorf

Bille at Schloss Reinbek (Mühlenteich)


Bille may refer to:

  • Bille (given name)
  • Bille (surname)
  • Bille (Elbe), a river in Germany
  • Billé, a French commune
  • Bille (noble family), a Danish noble family
  • Bille tribe, Ijaw tribe in Nigeria
Bille (noble family)

Bille (also spelled Bilde) is a Danish noble family, part of the ancient Danish nobility. Its members have played a prominent role in Danish politics and society since the mid 13th century. The family includes the comital branches Bille-Brahe and Bille-Brahe-Selby.

Bille (given name)

Bille is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Bille August (born 1948), Danish film and television director
  • Bille Eltringham, British film and television director
  • Bille Woodruff, American music and film director
  • Nicki Bille Nielsen (born 1988), Danish footballer
Bille (surname)

Bille is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anders Bille (1600–1657), Danish general
  • Beate Bille (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Edmond Bille (1878–1959), Swiss artist
  • Ejler Bille (1910–2004), Danish artist
  • Gaëtan Bille (born 1988), Belgian cyclist
  • Irene Ibsen Bille (1901–1985), Norwegian writer and playwright
  • Joen Bille (born 1944), Danish actor
  • Josef Bille (born 1944), German physician
  • Kristina Bille (born 1986), Danish handball player
  • Michael Bille (1769–1845), Danish admiral
  • S. Corinna Bille (1912–1979), Swiss writer
  • Steen Andersen Bille (1751–1833), Danish admiral
  • Steen Andersen Bille (1797–1883), Danish admiral
  • Svend Bille (1888–1973), Danish actor
  • Téclaire Bille (1988–2010), Equatoguinean footballer